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Long Island Mini Split System

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Ductless Mini Split System

One of the newest heating and cooling technologies available for home installation is the Ductless Mini Split System. The Ductless Mini Split is a two-stage heating and cooling system that provide the energy savings benefits of an air source with the reliability and sturdiness of a ductwork. The Ductless Mini Split is becoming increasingly popular in homes with less space due to the design of the units and the ease of use. The ductless mini splits air into two streams, the negative side of one duct feeds air to the space heater or appliance and the positive side of the next duct supplies cooled air to the other area in need of cooling. This system reduces the amount of ductwork required, the amount of wasted energy and the amount of noise created by the air leaks in the air conditioning systems.

Ductless mini-split systems tend to be more cost efficient than ductwork. In ductless mini-split systems tend to use less duct work and the air is recycled through the use of one or two return air compressors. There is no need for an air duct to be installed that would have to be run up and down the walls. The Ductless Mini Split also has the advantage of being simple to install; it is usually a matter of attaching the units together with stainless steel clamps.

Reason & Benefits for a Mini Split System

Another major benefit of ductless systems is that they can be installed on virtually any floor surface. Unlike ducted systems, ductless systems help to conserve energy when they are being used. A major drawback of ducted systems is that there is always an opening large enough for a coolant leak to occur. If you were to install a ductless mini split, then you would never have to worry about this issue again!

The main reason why many people decide to use ductless mini splits is because of their cost effectiveness. Ductless systems are much less expensive than ducted indoor units. Since there is no duct work required, this alone can bring a great reduction in your overall energy bill. The fact that you no longer have to have an air handling unit or cooling tower installed means that you will no longer have to pay for those upfront costs. With all of these benefits offered, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing to install ductless mini split systems.

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